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Covers the presentations taught in Team/Split Track sessions but without hands-on work time. The class will look at a range of topics from deadline management to staff motivation and morale, as well as Jostens new products and services for the upcoming year. The track runs concurrently to other classes, and is perfect for advisers attending without students. Those wishing to work directly with their staffs on the concept and creation of their book should enroll in the same yearbook track as their staff, not the Adviser Track.

Beginners will develop reporting, interviewing and writing skills in news, features, editorials, sports and headlines. Advanced staffers will refine journalistic skills, develop leadership and editing skills and establish the coverage for next years paper. Staffs are highly encouraged to bring a laptop to implement their plans.

A one-day series of mini-sessions on newspaper design topics using InDesign and Photoshop. Primarily for print, some online publishing will be discussed. Writing and photography skills are not taught, and YearTech will not be included. Newspaper InDesign students will join their newspaper staff in the newspaper class on days two and three. *Laptop and InDesign CS 4 or higher required.

Develop photographers’ artistic and technical skills. Participants rotate between lecture and shooting assignments for hands-on experience. Photos will be downloaded for immediate critique. Photographers will leave campus as a class for off-site photo shoots each evening. **Camera and $50 lab fee required per participant. Laptop required per staff. Limit four students per staff.